Tuesday, January 12, 2010

busy bee

babydoll top~f21
turtleneck~old navy
boots~jessica simpson~nordstrom

i promised myself that i'd be more frequent about my posting but i've been slacking. yesterday was a long day and time just ran out. doug and i had an impromptu date night and i finally got to see up in the air. i loved it!
today promises to be another long day. doug's car is in the shop which means i'm doing all of the shuttling today:( there's work, one of the girls has a doctor's appointment and another needs a ride to and from work...not to mention figuring out dinner and some work to once i get home...i'm exhausted just thinking about it.
with that being said i'm dressing for warmth and comfort today. this top has been seen on here before and it is one of my favorites. last time i paired it with my wideleg jeans but today i thought i'd try the look with skinnies. i like the way it looks with the black turtleneck underneath. it's reminiscent of a pinafore...hmmm do little girls even wear those anymore?


  1. i love that pretty statement top. looks great this way. thanks for the kind words on my ugh day:)

  2. d~ thanks. i really love this top too! and i totally sympathize with how running into an ex can put you a bit off balance.

  3. I don't know if little girls wear pinafores anymore, but I know when/if I have a little girl she will be wearing "classic" little girl clothes. How can you resist how adorable those things are?

  4. Cute dress! Or, that's what I thought the top was till I read your post. Looks like an ultra-short mini-dress worn over jeans. At any rate, I like it, and it looks great with the black turtleneck and skinny jeans!