Thursday, January 14, 2010

purple haze

dress~rachel roy
tights~american eagle
shoes~harajuku lovers
happy almost friday!!! i had such a good time last night with my firend e. we laughed, we talked, we ate yummy indian food and drank was fantastic! however, i woke up feeling not so hot-spicy food and alcohol..enough said. because of exams my kids had late arrival which meant i lounged in bed until the last possible minute. i really had no idea what i wanted to wear today. then, i remembered this dress. i wore it on thanksgiving but i feel like i neglected it a bit. i didn't really try to style it, i just threw it on in a panic about 20 minutes before people were supposed to arrive. i'll admit i didn't give it much more thought this morning. i thought solid tights would be too predictable so i decided to wear the polka dot ones. i was also worried that the print of the dress, the polka dots and the colorblock shoes would be a little bit busy but i'm happy with the way everything looks together. i love this necklace from f21 but i think i've only worn it one other time. it reminds of an anthropologie necklace.
we've been eating too much junk food lately. mainly because my schedule has been so hectic. tonight i'm going to cook a healthy dinner and settle in to watch the season premiere of project runway. i'm hoping this season will be better than the last. i was completely underwhelmed last season. it wasn't that the designers were less talented(although some of them were not very good). i think it was just missing a bit of a spark. i'm hoping that because they're back in new york we'll see more nina garcia and michael kors and less random guest judges. have a lovely thursday!


  1. I love indian food, and martinis too but only one.
    I love all your dresses, you look so gorgeous in each one of them. I can't wait for Project Runway I hope it is like you said better than the last.
    Have a great time tonight, what are you cooking???

  2. I do love how you put various patterns and colors together...very nice.

  3. i so want some chicken tikka right now! love your always:)

  4. farielle~ i think i'm going to roast chicken and some veggies. i'm getting hungry just thinking about it!

    corie~i've been trying to get more comfortable mixing patterns and colors and textures. I'm glad someone else thinks it works:)

    d~ i tried to save my left overs for lunch but i ended up eating it when i got freakin' good!

  5. You are so flippin' cute and truly give me inspiration and reassurement that I can still remain cute when I have kids (whenever that happens). I love your originality, and actually you inspired me to grab a couple of F21 pieces...will debut soon!

  6. dea~i can't wait to see what you picked up at f21:)