Monday, January 4, 2010

new year, new decade!

cardigan~forever 21
skirt~ forever 21
necklace~ anthropologie
skinny belt~ forever 21
shoes~ leopard peeptoe~aldo
nude fishnets~ hue~macy's
hello!!! wow i didn't mean to take such a long break but in all honesty i've been enjoying doing nothing for the last week. which means that my outfits have consisted of yoga pants, t-shirts and my favorite old over sized sweater(because it's freakin' freezing in our house!). no inspiration there:) on my little vacation i did manage to take down the christmas tree/decorations, clean out my closet and see sherlock holmes(which i loved!). today is my first day back at work and even though there isn't much going on i wanted to dress up a bit because i'm meeting doug for lunch when i get off. i can't believe this entire outfit came from f21:) i love the soft minty color of this sweater. the details give it a vintage vibe and it's super soft. this skirt has been hanging in my closet for a while-funny what you find when you can actually see things in your closet- it has some sheen to it but i love how it looks with this sweater. i'm in love with this mustard colored belt but thought it looked a little random until i added the necklace from anthro which in addition to adding a vintage feel, it has all of these soft, lovely colors. since it's freezing i p[probably need to have on opaque tights but i wasn't really feeling the way they looked so i brought out the fishnets and the peeptoes..note to self:check the forecast before leaving the house in 4 inch open toe shoes..we're supposed to get snow today so getting to my car after work may be a little treacherous in these shoes:)
a new year(and a new decade) has me feeling a bit reflective but very optimistic. typically, i don't do well with resolution but this year i'm going to put it out there and see what happens.
1. i want to let more joy in and to really "be" in those moments and not get so stuck in my head.
2. surround myself with more positive people kinder to myself-i am my own worst critic! i really need to cut myself a little bit of slack
4. spend less and save more..what it could happen:)
i'm sure there are a few more kicking around in my head but i'm going to need to do this in baby steps.


  1. Well hello cutie!
    Adorable outfit! Happy New Year!

  2. This outfit is gorgeous! I love the bright purple and the leopard heels! Is that skirt by chance a recent purchase? I really love it

  3. happy new year ladies!
    shygirl- i think i got the skirt a few months ago. it's still on the website(i never saw it in the store)in sizes small and large. it is the sheen woven skirt priced at a whopping $13.80..i know right:)

  4. Hello, sexy secretary! You look great. I hope you have a wonderful new year!

  5. oooo, i love those colors together. yeah, i pretty much love everything you wear. btw, i also crush on dexter. you aren't alone.

  6. Beautiful color combination, love it love it and am on my way to the f21 site to scope them out!! Haha, and way to make new year's resolutions- I've given up on them and just focus on making every day a great one.

  7. I own the same skirt and used it this weekend! But I played it safe with a black blazer and a red belt. I'd love to see what other color combinations you have for this skirt.

  8. I love the skirt so much too!!! I looked on the site, cant find it. Anyone has seen it? Whats its name?


  9. i don't know if i can make the link clickable but here is the link to the skirt:)

  10. $13.80! What a steal! Thank you so much for getting that information for us :)

  11. Those are great resolutions - most of them are mine too. And that purple skirt is amazing on you!

  12. That skirt is such a beautiful jewel tone purple, but I am even more smitten with your cardi!! It's way cute!! Is it oldish or still around you think?

    Your resolutions sound very mature and like they can lead to real happiness -- good for you! Happy New Year :)