Tuesday, January 5, 2010


chunky black turtleneck sweater~old navy
plaid shirt~f21
jeans~almost famous~tj maxx
bag~rebecca minkhoff~gilt
just when i was feeling all sassy mother nature goes and slaps me in the face. bitter cold-i don't like it but bring it...snow not so much!! i have a confession a few winters ago we had a terrible ice and snowstorm during which i took i really bad fall that left me with a mild concussion. that incident has left me with a fear of snow and ice. i hate coming out in the elements! there wasn't that much snow(maybe 3 inches) but that combined with the threat of black ice and freezing temperatures certainly dialed my sass level down a notch.
this is what i look like when i'm trying not to kill myself by slipping on a patch of black ice. these boots are the closest thing i have to snow boots. i love the plaid flannel and the rubber bottoms mean no slips:) the jeans are comfy and of course cuffed to show off the plaid. my office is freezing so i put on this black sweater for extra warmth. as soon as i finish my paperwork i'm rushing home to a cup of peppermint tea and some magazines(at least until it's time for me to get dinner ready). happy tuesday!


  1. I love your wellies. So cute!

  2. I haven't been inspired either lately due to the weather but you look super cute in these pictures!

  3. i love the plaid under the chunky sweater and those wellies are so fun:)

  4. You have awesome taste Courtnee, very unique pieces, and if you lived closer I would totally make you go shopping with me!! Love the lumberjack look today, very adorable and can't believe those wellies are from tarjay!!

  5. thanks for the sweet comments ladies:) i totally wish some of you lived close to me...cincinnati..anyone...anyone :0

  6. Very cute! the weather is making me have to tone down my outfits, too. blehh :)

  7. Oh no, so sorry to hear about your fall! And yipes, I had to look up with black ice was, but scary. I am so glad I live in a-snow-free land, I couldn't take the stress. Hopefully you will remain safe this season -- keep those cute wellies strapped to your feet!