Wednesday, April 4, 2012

a very fine vintage

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Another absolutely gorgeous day! Today is also my daughter's 19th birthday so that makes it extra glorious! Happy Birthday Logan!!!

I bought this pretty vintage number from the lovely Lisa when it was still cold outside. I couldn't wait for the temps to warm up so that I could wear it. Today proved to be the perfect day to take it out for a spin. I'm diggin' the effortless 70s-ness of it all. I also purchased a vintage slip to wear underneath(because it's completely sheer..scandalous!) and I'm completely in love with the soft ruffle peeking out from the hem. I kind of want to wear this slip with everything I own.

Doing my hair and makeup in my slip this morning, I felt very Ms. Taylor/Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Good grief, she is just beyond in that movie! 

Awesome:wearing an outfit you love and on beautiful spring day

Not so Much: having the guy that regularly prints out your photos at Walgreen's compliment you on the aforementioned outfit and engage you in a 10 minute conversation while you are carrying an extra large container of Metamucil! Ha!

I'm off to ice a cake and oven fry some chicken for the birthday dinner tonight.

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