Monday, April 2, 2012


 wearing: dress-vintage/cardigan-anthropologie/booties-delia's

Ugghhh....blogger! Is anyone else having issues with posting/loading pictures? Is this the universe's way of saying I need to just give up and shit it down!? Hmmm....

In spite of my frustration with blogger, I wanted to post these this pic because I love this dress so much! I know when people think of red+green thoughts go immediately to Christmas. But, red+green is one of my all time favorite color combinations because to me it screams fresh and summertime. It conjures up images of red and white gingham blankets on fresh green grass, strawberries and cherries, and red geraniums in window boxes.

Pay no attention to my sour puss expression. This dress makes me smile from the inside out when I wear it:)

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