Tuesday, January 24, 2012

spring sparkle

 Sunday was a cold and gray day. Thank you, January:( My husband suggested a trip to the Krohn Conservatory to check out the Early Spring Show. I think it was officially called the Early Spring Sparkle and Bling Show. I'm not sure what bling has to do with spring flowers. While we're at it, can we please add bling along with diva and man cave to the list of words that should be retired!

Anyhoo, the strands of sparkle certainly helped light up the gray sky!

 I'm in love with citrus trees! I'm trying to convince Doug that we could have a Meyer lemon tree in our yard. Has anyone in the midwest had any success with lemon/lime trees?

 I'm not a huge fan of tropical flowers but how can you not love orchids?

 Succulents are huge trend in weddings and events. I'm dying to work with a couple that wants to use them in their wedding bouquets and centerpieces!

 Am I in Cincinnati or Belize?!

 Hello husband:)

 Clearly I'm in Cincy because if I was on vacation I'd be wearing a lot less clothes!

 Close up of the details.

A little Gothic,no?!

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