Thursday, April 14, 2011

thursday revelations


Things I learned today:

Garden roses are lovely and smell so good. They also leave a sneezing and snotty mess! Attractive...not so much:(

I should stick to take outfit pics in the morning because I look super tired. And, I forgot to reapply my new and fantastic pink lipstick.

For most of the day I thought it was Friday. To say that I was bummed when I realized it was only Thursday is an understatement.

The husband took the cover off the pool. This made me realize that swimsuit season is quickly approaching. This probably means I should stop eating my body weight in coconut m&m's, get off my bum and workout but yeah, m&m's and Bones equals a much better Thursday night;)

I'm only slightly mortified that we still have a Christmas doormat at our front door!  

See you later!

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