Tuesday, April 12, 2011

stripe up the band

details:dress-h&m/belt-target/tights-gap/shoes-bcbggirls/jean jacket-??(a million years old)

So glad to have a day off to recharge and get some perspective. I had a great lunch with a friend today.(Thanks K!!)It's always fantastic to get someone else's point of view on some stuff you've had going on in your head. 

I was determined to wear this dress today so I was more than a little disappointed when the cooler weather made an appearance. As it turns out, I love this version more than the way I'd originally planned on wearing it. I wish the pics turned out better. I asked my husband to take them and I'm still getting used to having an actual person behind the lens and not using my timer. So, yeah...Awkward! He thinks I should smile more so I don't look so sad. Is it weird that I don't really know how to smile? If I'm laughing or you catch me mid emotion it's all good but as far as smiling for the camera-it's a little bit scary, Stepford wife!   

Happy Tuesday y'all!!

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