Thursday, April 21, 2011

pick me, choose me

How is it possible that the same person(me!) is kind of in love with all four of these dresses?

I'm searching for something to wear for our anniversary.
I know we're going to dinner but I'm not sure what else is on the agenda for the night.

So the big question is....

                                                Romantic and sweet(but safe)

Colorful and a little sassy

(it's a bird print!)

                                                                   or full on Kardashian-kidding.kind of;)

I love them all for different reasons. Can you guess which one is the front runner? It may surprise you.
I'm kind of leaning towards the last one. I've been feeling a bit frumpy and dumpy lately so it might be fun to get dolled up and sex it up a notch, you know?
But, I know that the husband prefers pretty to sexy.He's definitely a Mary Ann instead of Ginger or Betty not Veronica kind of a guy, so I would guess his choice would be either the first one or the bird print quirky choice. 
What do you think?

All of the options are from Asos. Has anyone ordered form them? I'm wondering about fit and how long shipping takes.  

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