Tuesday, May 25, 2010

pattern mixing

skirt~do-si-do skirt~anthropologie

this week has not had the greatest start. our internet was having connection issues, my computer crashed again, and my car is pretty much on life support! i'm trying not to dwell on it. it is what is. i'm not sure what we'll do about the car thing. i've needed a new one for a while but i was hoping it last the summer:(

the remedy for life handing you lemons is to try to look cute while making lemonade:) i bought this skirt during the much hyped but disappointing anthro sale. it was marked down to $30 so i thought i'd give it a try. i'm not in love with it but i think it's a cute summer skirt. i'm not one for wearing black(i don't even own the basic lbd) i'm glad that the cross stitch pattern offers some color and a cute detail. i paired with the h&m striped shirt that seems to be make it's away around fashion blogs. i also have it in black and white stripes. it is seriously cute, comfy and cheap! the shoes give this outfit a little bit of an edge and keeps it from looking to folksy:)

have a lovely tuesday!


  1. thanks:) thanks for stopping by to comment too!

  2. gosh, this is just adorable. love the stripes wtih that skirt.

  3. d-thanks:)
    i hope you are well. i read your post about your loss and my thoughts are with you xo