Monday, May 17, 2010

floral week day 1

skirt:(dress worn as skirt)~f21
tank~the gap
cardigan~f21?or maybe target?
shoes~jessica simpson
initial pendant~the paris market~savannah
trench~tara jarmon for target

i must admit that i've been a bit of a slacker:( i've been trying to adjust to post wedding life and things have been super busy! being married is wonderful and i'm trying to save the the whole wedding recap and wonderful-ness of it all for one long post when my pro pics are ready. i will say this that wedding planning really allowed me to tap into my creative side that i've been ignoring for a looong time. it's a bit like someone has opened pandora's box. now that i've uleashed the creative it's been really difficult to get back into the office day to day thing. doug and i are now trying to figure out what direction this should take. how do i find i way to do what i love and earn a living?

i've also had a situation with a friend that has left me feeling a bit..ick! there have been some things brewing in this relationship for awhile but i think i've been clinging to it because we've been friends for so long. how do you know when it's time to let someone go? i think it's especially hard for me because i'm a little bit guarded and i don't make friends easily.
monday morning and it's cool and rainy(apparently mother nature hasn't figured out it's the middle of freakin may!). it's actually a perfect morning to sit in a cafe nursing a pot of tea and trying to figure out the answers to some the questions i have for today, but i must work:( when i saw the call for floral week on {have a cute day} i felt inspired to try to be cheerful in spite of the gloom outside. i bought this dress two summers ago and i've never worn it. it's a bit short for day wear so i opted to fold it down and wear it as a skirt. to make it a little less sweet i added my go to items of a tank and a cardi(not very original, i know). this $6 belt from f21 has also become a favorite. i don't know why it took me so long to discover how rad belts are?!! this coat was one of my first target~designer callabo purchases. i love the tomato-y red color. it certainly cheers up a gloomy monday:) and briefly i bought this pendant on our honeymoon in savannah. i found the BEST.STORE.EVER.-paris market! i haven't taken it off since the day i bought it!


  1. What a pretty outfit - I love the whole dress-as-skirt thing going on. What a creative way to wear one of F21's typically too short but so cute dresses.

  2. Courtnee, I've missed you and your outfits but understand that getting married and going on a honeymoon took precedence!! Congrats again and hope you're enjoying your early days as a newlywed. Hope to have those feelings sometime soon..
    This outfit is perfect, and just love it to bits. And can we talk about the ridiculously adorable umbrella? I love your style! I read what you picked up at Anthro, and now we can be Do-Si-Do skirt twins! It's just a big cutie skirt and think you'll love its fullness. The hustle & bustle got my attention as well but once on I didn't love it as much. Can't wait to see it on you though!
    As for your creativity juices overflowing...I say there's so many ways to start dabbing into mini projects while keeping the day job, and if something develops, then that could be your full-time gig!!

  3. New to your blog....from HACD.

    I love your style! And the pic of your mom is the best. Stylish and Beautiful too!

  4. lisa-i'm only 5'2 and some of those dresses are scandalously short on me! i don't know how somone of average height could wear them:D

    dea-i've missed blogging and i'm hoping i can get back into the swing of things. even though we've been together for over 6 yrs. being married feels different:) have you and dr. love set a date? i love the do-si-do skirt. we'll see how the hustle and bustle skirt works out.

    jag-thanks for taking to time to stop and check out the blog and leave a comment:)

  5. courtnee,
    first, i adore this outfit! spring florals look good on you!

    second, i totally understand what you are saying about having a friend for so long but feeling like it's time to walk away. it is so hard. i have had to do that a couple of times. but sometimes it's best for EVERYONE to do it. what i mean is, if the relationship is becoming toxic (or maybe always has been) you become and enabler by allowing it. it's best to walk away and force yourself to make new friends. don't worry, a cute, sweet girl like you will make friends easily if you want to.
    i know it's scary...(gosh this is getting long) but maybe it's time for a new door to open?

  6. anna-thank you so much for your kind words and good advice. it is a bit scary making friends as an adult. i think the wedding (and weddings in general) are putting a lot of things into perspective. i think for the first time in a long time i'm in a really good place and i don't want to bring any negativity with me.

  7. You are adorable! I actually have that same trench and feel inspired to take it out now.