Wednesday, May 19, 2010

floral week day 2(for me)

tank~the gap
jeans~the gap~long and lean ankle length
ballet flats~the gap

i missed a day in floral week:( yesterday i was suffering from the worst sinus headache. as soon as i got home i took some medicine and crawled into bed where i slept for about 12 hours. i'm feeling a lot better today but really tired. isn't it funny how getting so much is exhausting?

anyway, it's a gloomy, rainy and cool wednesday!where did spring go? it feels like it's october. i have lots of florals but most of them are pretty sundresses or summer skirts. it was hard to find something i wanted to wear today. jeans were a must because i'm freezing! i remembered this adorable cardigan i bought from f21 a while ago. somehow it's never made it's way onto the blog. i love the little peplum. it almost gives it the look of a jacket. i layered this super soft lace trimmed tank underneath. i love how this anthro necklace sometimes looks grey and at other times looks blue.

today is my youngest daughter's 16th birthday. happy birthday skylar!! we do smaller birthday celebrations. it usually involves taking them to dinner anywhere they want to go(within reason), a few gifts and cake and ice cream. i'll bake her a cake when i get home and i think she wants chinese food for dinner...yum! then, on sunday i'm taking the girls to see legally blonde the musical! it should be so much fun.

are there any glee fans out there? last night's episode...killed me! can't wait to see the gaga episode next week:) happy wednesday!


  1. ooh sorry about the headache! that's the worst! glad to see you are feeling better. and your sweater is so cheery! i love it with the necklace. you always do such a perfect job at accessorizing.

    happy birthday to your daughter!

  2. Love love love. This is perfect for a cold day and hope your sinus gets better!