Sunday, May 9, 2010

happy mother's day

me with my oh so stylish mom;)
my brood! logan, rian, skylar and zachary.
happy mother's day!
i became a mother very early and almost without thinking about what it meant. sometimes i think it's a blessing that i had children so young before i could fully absorb what a huge life changing thing it is. i also hate that i didn't choose a better family circumstance for them. i grew up quickly because i didn't want them to suffer for having a young mom. for a long time it was just us. we are a tight knit group love fiercely and argue often-that's what happens when you have four opinionated women in small family. being their mom has been my job for almost half of my life and as i see them getting ready to leave home and take on the world i'm awed by the people they have become-intelligent, funny, quirky, sarcastic, compassionate, honorable. they've taught me how to love, be loved, and not always to take myself too seriously. i am an infinitely better person because i'm their mother


  1. Just stumbled onto your blog. You sure have some beautiful kids! Hope you enjoyed your mother's day and what a cute little blue dress you were wearing. Great blog!

  2. this is absolutely the sweetest blog post! thank you for sharing. your children are so beautiful! and so is your mother. happy mother's day, courtnee!

  3. Your mom is so beautiful! As is the rest of your family :)

  4. Your mom is a classic beauty!