Thursday, May 3, 2012

paisley park

Is it obvious from the number of pictures that I freakin' love this dress?! Ugghh, some days I get a ton of great pictures and some days I get one(if I'm lucky) that looks decent. Why is this?

I'm smitten with the crazy paisley pattern and the exposed zipper in the back. Annnd, I think I droned on and on yesterday about my love of full skirt;) I wore it out to dinner and jazz clubbing for our anniversary. The husband loved it too! It's one tiny little flaw, it's made completely of polyester and does not breathe at all. Meaning it needs to be a perfectly warmish but breezy day when I wear it so I'm not sweating like a pig. 

I may have to say good-bye to it as I brace myself for Cincinnati's notoriously hot and humid summer. I thought it might be a smidge too short for work but I think the flat loafers soften the omgitssoshort effect...right? I think it has an early 60s feeling to it. Speaking of the 60s, Sunday's episode of Mad Men. So. Effin. Good. I loved it!

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