Thursday, May 10, 2012

fan girl

In the midst of all the crazy that happens when Target releases on e of it's designer collections, I managed to snag a few Jason Wu things. The one dress that I really wanted proved to be elusive and the other two I ordered were sort of ...meh(on me). I ended up keeping this skirt and top. I then hung it in the black hole  closet and kind of forgot about it. 

Funny how being late and have nothing clean and/or ironed come together to produce the perfect storm for the debut of the only Jason Wu I'll ever own!

I took myself on a date today. Coffee, browsing the bookstore and a matinee showing of The Avengers. I'm not really a super hero/comic book fan but my love of Robert Downey Jr. knows no bounds. I came for Iron Man but I stayed for the one, two punch of hotness that is Jeremy Renner and Chris Evans! I'm pretty sure I need to add Captain America to the netflix que.

I'm off to fix dinner for my very own superhero;)

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