Wednesday, March 28, 2012

tea'd off


 Life has been jammed packed lately and, of course, when I'm trying to balance full time employee/part time business owner/wife/mother/blogger...well posting to ye old blog doesn't always have a place on my list of priorities.

This outfit is from last week when we were enjoying 80 degree temperatures. Mother Nature has calmed down a bit and Cincinnati's true spring temperatures have returned. As long as we don't go back to winter, we're still cool;)

The print of on this dress is a little bit precious and it can be difficult for me to wear. I think when you get to be my age you walk a fine line between wanting to look youthful and trying to hard(real housewives of the oc/beverly hills, I'm talkin' to you!) I'm hoping that biker-ish members only-like jacket and the wedges make it less girly. I like my "struggling to maintain my youth" with a little bit of edge!


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