Thursday, February 16, 2012

love is a battlefield


She's alive!!!I survived my second Valentine's Day as a florist and I gotta tell you, that sh**t ain't for the faint of heart! Monday and Tuesday I worked about 25 hours and if I never see a freakin' red rose again it will be too soon!

I learned a lot of valuable lessons and, of course, the mind is spinning with things I want to do next year when I'm doing my own thang;) The exciting news on that front...I have my business name and license! I'm taking baby steps but I'm happy with the way everything is coming together!

After a full day of rest, I decided to pull myself together and spend the afternoon with my honey(since we didn't get to really celebrate V Day). A few weeks ago I finally made time to stop in Anthropologie and spend my Christmas gift card. I found this little dress on the sale rack and was smitten. It has a swing shape but I decided to belt it. I've searched the entire internet looking for a pair of affordable clog-like boots with no luck. Last week I found these on Delia's website for something ridiculous..$30 I think? I wasn't sure if they would be comfortable but I wore these through Valentine Hell week without any problems! Best $30 bucks I've ever spent.    

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