Monday, February 6, 2012

the long and short of it

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Hey there! How was your weekend? I hear there was some big game last night;)
I'm not a football fan and not even a performance by her royal Madge-esty couldd turn me into one!I did manage to muster up some good big game eats(buffalo chicken dip, anyone!) and watch about eight hours of Law & Order. So, it was a typical Sunday for me! 
I try to keep it easy breezy here because...well nobody wants to hear you complain endlessly about the problems you're having. And a lot of my worries these days center around my kids. But, they are at an age where they might not want their mom telling all kinds of folks on the interwebz their business, ya know. But, lately one of my daughters has really been struggling. Part of me wants to fix everything for her because she seems so lost and part of me wants to shake her and tell her to snap out of it. I think as a mom I deal better with fixing the physical wounds of life. Cuts, bruises, stitches, broken problem! But, the emotional pain is tougher for me to handle. We'll figure out as a family, we always do. But, man, when your kid is hurt it kind of rips your guts out.          
Now that we're all depressed, it's time for dinner, a beer and an hour of Alcatraz.

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