Tuesday, May 3, 2011

it was a very good year

So much good stuff this weekend!

This weekend the husband and I say celebrated our first anniversary!   
There was so much going on downtown over the weekend-a Reds game,the Flying Pig Marathon and the ballet. 

We decided to spend the night at The Westin, grab a bite to eat and see the Cincinnati Ballet's final performance of the season. 

 details:anthro garden of the spectrum mini/blouse h&m/bag vintage/shoes enzo

 We chilled a bottle of prosecco to toast our year. Instead of saving the top layer of our wedding cake, Becca from Sweetwater Bakehouse, baked us an anniversary layer and I made myself a mini bouquet.    

A festive table at Palimino.
 We usually try to eat at locally owned independent restaurants. But, our fave downtown place, Nada, is a mexican restaurant. Spicy and sitting through a ballet ain't pretty, ya know?!  
I decided to try to the Spanish wine tasting. I asked our server if it was too much for one person. She said no. Clearly,she gets her drink on;)  

 That's what half a chicken looks like!
 I never pass  up the chance to eat fish.
 Or bread pudding!
 Hey there handsome husband!
Looking a little dazed and confused from the vino.

A good time was had by all!

I almost forgot to mention that on Friday afternoon a lovely girl stopped me in Anthro to tell me she reads my blog! How sweet is that?!
What?! An honest to goodness non friend/family member reads this! I was so flattered and amazed I totally forgot to ask her name:(
It was after a long day so I hope I didn't look like a hot mess! 

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