Tuesday, May 10, 2011

chevron stripes and a wall of words

I feel like I'm "that" friend. You know the one. She gets a boyfriend and becomes totally consumed by the relationship.
This job is the new boyfriend and it has taken up all of time. I've finally found something that I love! I've been working 10 hour days thanks to admin week, Mother's Day ,prom season and weddings.
The exhaustion can't dampen my excitement when I walk into the cooler everyday.

I've been working so hard and spending so much time away from my family I've started to ask myself when I should take leap and go into business for myself. I don't mind hard work and sacrifice but why should I do all of it for the benefit of someone else?

In my head and my heart, I've always known what I wanted to do. Fear has stopped me. Made me doubt my judgement and question my abilities.

Enough rambling...... 


Today was warm and not raining(much). The husband and I spent the day together running errands(the chiropractor) and hunting for our fave food truck. Not a bad way to spend a Tuesday:)

"Seriously, do you have my whole outfit?"

*still working on the husband as photographer thing;)

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