Friday, May 13, 2011

freaky friday


I've discovered the seventh circle of hell-prom season! Specifically, prom moms...ahhhh!
Let me rant for a moment about these women that come in to order to corsages for their sons or daughters bringing the dress, shoes and jewelry, wanting to walk through the cooler and find out specifically what flowers will be used, which ribbon and wristband! They want to make sure "it's special enough".
I had a lady tell me today the corsage was not what she expected...ummm,'s not for you so who gives a rats a** what you expected and's freakin flowers on a wristband!!!!

Rant over:)
I feel like I'm letting you guys down but I have a feeling that an easy dress and cardigan is going to become my summer uniform.
I've never been a huge a fan of pants or jeans and feel most comfy in a dress. I finally broke in these. Yay for not having to wear my clunky Dansko clogs all day, everyday!!

Happy Friday!    

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