Wednesday, January 5, 2011

never say never


details: jeans-thrifted/turtleneck-old navy(?)/jacketf21/canvas sneaks-target

As far as winter days go, today is pretty fantastic! The sun is shining and the air is crisp but not make your face hurt cold. I wish I had something exciting planned for today but cooking and cleaning are at the top of the! That being said, I'm not much in the mood for getting dressed but lounging around in sweats makes me feel so blah. I got the spring jcrew catalog in the mail yesterday and looked to it for a little bit of inspiration. Nobody does that whole dressed down but not sloppy thing better than the crew! I wanted to be comfy but not look like a bum. Enter sparkly "chanel inspired" jacket, an arm full of bracelets and a giant cocktail ring:D 

Never say never my friends! Never say "I will never, for all that was horrible and wrong with the 80s, ever, peg my jeans again!!" Because, you know, you may end up posting a picture of you in 2011 wearing pegged jeans on the interwebz for all the world to see;)   So, this is all I've got for today, sorry it's nothing glamorous but you know they can't all be winners!

By the way, yesterday we saw True Grit. I'm not a fan of westerns but I gotta say I really loved it. Definitely worth the price of a matinee ticket.

Happy Wednesday people!

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