Wednesday, January 12, 2011

basic training

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Hey all! How are you? I'm freeeeezing! These super cold temps have me feeling completely miserable and totally lacking in any inspiration! All I want to do is pile on as many layers as possible, huddle in front of the fireplace and sip tea. I think I'm turning into an old lady:D

I tried to muster up something a little interesting to wear today. The jury is still out on my success. I've been wanting to jump on the skinny cargo bandwagon for a while. But, I wasn't really sure how I felt about having pockets on my thighs. It's not an area I like to highlight with a gigantic "look at me!" detail. However, I found these on the Target sale rack for $5...Sold! I'm pleasantly surprised:) They are not as low rise as I originally thought and they have a little stretch so they're super comfortable. Well done Target, well done!

The reason I went to Target in the first place was to see if they had black boots. I've been dying for a flat, black boot all season. I'm gonna admit that I was slow to embrace the flat boot thing. I'm short and I love a heel{the higher the better}! Once it starts snowing and there's ice everywhere, it seems kind of ridiculous to teeter around on heels! Maybe I'm getting wise in my old age;) I'd seen a few online that I liked but for whatever reason never purchased. Once again Target saved the day. One pair of these left and they were my size! Booyah! Most importantly they were on sale for $24!

I'm off to make another pot of tea:D
Have a good one!       

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