Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Three months!! How is that even possible?! Bravo to bloggers who have babies and keep postin' like it ain't no thing. Between the exhaustion, recovery, trying to get my act together and resisting the urge to stare into those big beautiful eyes all day, blogging fell waaaay down on the list of priorities despite my genuine enthusiasm to jump back into the game.

So here we are. Rowan at three months!

weight: 10lbs. 6.5oz{at last check up}
length: 22 inches
eyes: a bit of a debate; to me they are brown but some people swear they look a little blue in certain light
personality: pretty laid back except when hungry{gets hangry just like mom!}

This month we started cloth diapering and wearing him in the Moby. Nights are getting much better with feedings at midnight(ish) and 4:30(ish). He's started laughing and smiling which is totally adorable! I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. I'm able to stay home and arrange my work schedule around him although I'm still figuring it out so that I'm here to soak in all this delicious baby goodness everyday!

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