Tuesday, October 12, 2010

when bloggers meet

Happy Tuesday!

Saturday I met up with the lovelyKristina. I was so nervous. I have to say that I had no reason to be nervous. She is so sweet and gorgeous! We met at Rookwood Anthropologie. We probably spent the first 30 minutes sitting on the sofa chatting. It was fantastic to talk about blogging, juggling blog with family, the suburbs and trying to find a creative outlet. Kristina talked to the manager and got permission for us to try on a bunch of things and take some photos inside the store(thank you Rookwood Anthro!). We got a few "what the heck are they doing?" looks from shoppers. We were also able to find a couple unsuspecting husbands to act as our photographers:D

                           I'm so in love with this crocheted clouds dress and the pick a bunch cardigan!

Kristina I had such a great time! I hope(now that our husbands are reassured that neither of us is some sketchy perv masquerading as a blogger)we can meet up again:)

I also want to say Hello to all the new readers and followers!! I've reached more than 100 followers...seriously..wow! I'm thinking I need to do a giveaway..yes?!!Details coming soon:D

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